So what is Pitch?

15.05.2020 Saul Cuttell

Pitch is an innovative and new website that links players to scouts and has even been termed the LinkedIn or Tinder of football (see link here). But how does this website link with the modern age, sports science and even football?

So really football and sports science it would seem sometimes are an odd mix. The old school thought is to just get the lads on the park and practice what they do best. There seems to be a conflict with this even in the professional game these days, with many managers or coaches citing the importance of not over coaching or analyzing. This is important too, however where would we be without it. No goal line technology, no use of training and fitness prescription, no idea of psychological health, no idea of a great many things to do with this great game. The culture of football needs a shake up, I mean look at rugby and how well the youth all the way up to senior teams train. Then compare this to your local White Horse Wanderers in div 1 county Saturday standard verging on being semi pro running around the pitch as a warm up. FML. Have we learnt anything? England RFU have won the six nations a total of 28 occasions with 13 times winning the grand slam and 25 times winning the triple crown. They have also won the World Cup once and runners up twice making them the most successful team in the northern hemisphere. This begs the question how have this team won so much but our national football team has not? Well there are a great many factors we need to consider from cultural, physical, psychological to sociology perspectives, but talking only from my experience as a Sports Scientist. I can see a vast difference in how this is used in elite sport. In football the data is put into a system for audit purposes t seems and never really used, for rugby it’s addressed, scrutinised and then acted upon for the most part. We need a change in this cultural ethos if we are to make a championship winning national team in football.

At Pitch we used the Football Associations DNA of football and merged it with modern sports science. This helps us to understand the potential ability of the players. The idea being that these abilities are then pitched to scouts, managers and coaches in the UK as a potential indicator of talent. Where else can you get a yearlong exposure to scouts to pitch or show your talent. Normally you are only given a trial or maybe two or three trials, a series of one day events to show what you can do, is that really a true representation of your talent over a season, or in a years time with some training and coaching? Simply put NO. But there is more than needs to be considered, for instance scouts and coaches do a great job and always want the best for their players, making reports, training players, helping players develop in some cases even after they are released. But talent can sometimes be missed, so we think at Pitch a change in football is needed, so we are here to bridge the gap hopefully and help young players to be identified. We have at pitch a mission to help players realize their ability and try to help players get a second or third chance at their dreams. To help aspiring football talent be all that they can be. So, Pitch your talent now and sign up to our free bronze subscription here.